A Suite of Advanced Tutorials for the GROMOS Biomolecular Simulation Software [Article v1.0]

Keywords: structure refinement, free energy, tutorial, gromos, molecular dynamics


This tutorial describes the practical use of some recent methodological advances implemented in the GROMOS software for biomolecular simulations. It is envisioned as a living document, with additional tutorials being added in the course of time. Currently, it consists of three distinct tutorials. The first tutorial describes the use of time-averaged restraints to enforce agreement with order parameters derived from NMR experiments. The second tutorial describes the use of extended thermodynamic integration in the double-decoupling method to compute the affinity of a small molecule to a protein. The molecule involved bears a negative charge, necessitating the application of post-simulation corrections. The third tutorial is based on the same molecular system, but computes the binding free energy from a path-sampling method with distance-field distance restraints and Hamiltonian replica exchange simulations. The tutorials are written for users with some experience in the application of molecular dynamics simulations.

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Lier, B., Öhlknecht, C., de Ruiter, A., Gebhardt, J., van Gunsteren, W. F., Oostenbrink, C., & Hansen, N. (2020). A Suite of Advanced Tutorials for the GROMOS Biomolecular Simulation Software [Article v1.0]. Living Journal of Computational Molecular Science, 2(1), 18552. https://doi.org/10.33011/livecoms.2.1.18552