About the Journal

The Living Journal of Computational Molecular Science (LiveCoMS) provides a peer-reviewed home for manuscripts which share best practices in molecular modeling and simulation. These works are living documents, regularly updated on GitHub with community input, and can include perpetually updated reviews, tutorials, comparisons between software packages, and other documents which aim to improve the studies in the field and require ongoing updates.

LiveCoMS is a Diamond Open Access journal, with no charges for submissions or for readers.

Ethics policies are posted separately and linked here for editors, authors, and reviewers.

For more on LiveCoMS, be sure to read our vision document on Why we need the Living Journal of Computational Molecular Science.

If you are interested in submitting, author instructions and editorial policies are available on our instructional pages at https://livecomsjournal.github.io, and submission is via the journal website. If you are interested in reviewing, please contact the managing editors; in particular, we have a special category of student reviewers.

To donate to LiveCoMS, visit our donations page.

Cover art: Merry Wang