Promote your emerging software


Many of us not only use software, but develop tools as well, often with the broader community in mind.  But how to get your work noticed and tried out by colleagues around the world?  A user base is important to drive improvements, bug fixes, and impact.

LiveCoMS wants to help!  We plan to devote occasional blog posts (with social media advertising) to emerging software descriptions provided by developers.  See guidelines below.  These listings will create a marketplace for new tools that can serve developers and users.

Guidelines for Software Listings

  • Your entire listing is limited to 1500 characters
  • We may edit listings for length, format, and/or content (e.g., to improve clarity or avoid non-factual statements)
  • Your listing should explain where to obtain the software, the capabilities, and known limitations.  Note who the developers are.
  • Note open-source status and availability to academics.  Software not freely available to academics will not be listed at the present time.
  • Indicate the best practices employed in code development/deployment:
    • Github or similar code repository. 
    • Documentation type
    • Availability of tutorials
    • Degree of test coverage
    • Is there a support/user group?
    • Is the software containerized?

If you have software you want to promote, send a listing addressing these issues to