Issues logging in? Resolving one issue we have found


Update: It appears this problem has now been resolved.  Please let us know ( if you consistently have problems logging in using Chrome with the error described below. 

Most users should not need to register to the web site - only authors and reviewers.  However, those people DO need to log in and some people are having issues with the login process. The symptom is that after clicking "Login", the login fails and then the "Username" and "Password" fields are blanked out. This is different than if the password or username is wrong, which which case an error message will be displayed. 

This is a known issue, and we are still working on a resolution (the IT people are having a hard time reproducing it . . . ). It appears that some people have a hard time logging in with Chrome - it varies from person to person, but is mostly consistent per Chrome installation (i.e. there are no consistent ways to fix it if it is failing.  Right now, the only fix is to use a different browser. Safari seems to work relatively consistently, as does Microsoft Edge.  We'll keep working on addressing this!