Tutorials section expands to Tutorials and Training Articles


We are excited to announce the expanded scope of the (formerly) Tutorials category, which will now also encompass pedagogical articles about a particular computational technique or methodology that may, but need not be strictly tied to a particular piece of software. The category will be called Tutorials and Training Articles.

We know that understanding the principles underpinning a given type of computation makes us better able to plan calculations, assess results and, of course, find bugs or glitches. However, even in our own pedagogically-oriented journal, there seemed no proper place for papers focused on more introductory aspects of computational molecular science not tied to a specific program. Voilà – an expanded category! Explicitly encouraging the publication of training articles is exactly consistent with our mission of improving the quality of computational molecular science and making it more accessible.

What exactly should a training article look like? Well, you tell us. We will entertain any serious proposal that may be purely theoretical or more of a theory/tutorial hybrid. See details in the For Authors section. We hope that authors will come up with a range of great ways to teach important methodology to beginners and beyond.